Pheromones – Does It Work ?


You might have come across the ads over the last few years that claim that if you use their special soap or fragrance that contain Pheromones that men or women (as the case may be) will be trampling over each other to beat a path to your door. Most of us have even men chase after women and women chase after men that aren’t attractive even reasonably interesting and wondered what was the attractions. Could Pheromones really be that “special something” that attracts people of the opposite sex gets some people promotions at work and makes some people the more popular than others? Doesn’t this make you really wonder what Pheromones really are and if they work?

What are Pheromones

Pheromones are chemical hormone secreted by the bodies of all humans and animals. However, unlike other hormones which affect the person or animal secreting these hormones Pheromones actually affect changes in other animals of the same species.

It is believed that the role of Pheromones can vary and may serve to help form bonds, provide for sexual attraction, and for survival of the species. Take for example ants. If one ant finds a reliable food source it excretes a pheromone trail that other ants follow to find more food, which in turn helps to ensure the colonies survival by helping find enough food to feed the entire ant colony. Of course, it is well known that when a female dog comes into heat, they excrete a pheromone that attracts male dogs from several miles away again insuring survival of the species.

How do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones work outside the body of the person or animal producing the hormone. It is believed that the scent of this hormone while not something obviously noticeable is picked up by others of the same species. Depending on the specific pheromone secreted, this scent then causes a reaction in those who pick up on the scent.

Do Humans Have Pheromones?

There has been some debate about whether or not human pheromones are as strong as that of other animal species and even if they serve any real purpose in human behavior at all. Some scientists and others believe that while humans like other members of animal world do have pheromones personal hygiene and social customs may influence and even water down the effect of pheromones in humans.

Daily baths and the use of fragrant soaps, shampoos, deodorants, and perfumes may serve to wash away and even mask some of the pheromones that would normally be found on the skin. Insects and animals simply don’t bath daily nor do they commonly powder and perfume themselves so the natural scent of the pheromones are stronger on animals than they would be on humans.

It is believed that human pheromones can serve individuals in a number of ways including:

  • Helping to attract a person of the opposite sex
  • Making friends/Improving your social life
  • Helping to Advance your career
  • Other areas

Based on these beliefs scientists, fragrance manufactures and others are trying to see if there isn’t some way to help the body produce more pheromones or to synthetically produce such hormones that can then be applied to the body. There are all ready a number of soaps, perfumes, and other products with pheromones designed to help improve your romantic life or help you to make friends. Later we will be taking a look at whether or not such products work and if so which ones show real potential.

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The Science Behind Pheromones


Pheromones are substances with which we are somewhat familiar. You may think of them as being a sort of natural perfume, but chances are, you don’t actually know what they mean. In This is a basic overview of what pheromones are and how they play a part in our lives.

Origins of Pheromones

The word “pheromone” comes from the Greek words “pherein” and “hormon” which mean to transfer and to stimulate. In 1959, Adolph Butenandt and peter Karlson coined this word to describe the chemical signals between living organisms that could be used to stimulate a response or behavior in other members. In short, pheromones are a chemical substance that is created and secreted by one organism and then transmitted to other organisms in the same species. Their general role is to ignite a sexual urge among organisms including animals and people.

There are Several Types of Pheromones

When considering animals, phermones are generally used for communication. They can be broken up into two main categories: territory markers and attraction or aggression starters. Pheromones that are labeled as epideictic, territorial, and trail belong in the first category. Epideictic are generally common in insect species. The female insect who lays her eggs, puts epideictic hormones in the area sot hat other insects will not also lay in the same place. The territorial type of pheromone is generally seen in insects and animals. Dogs are a common example when using urine to mark their territory. Finally, trail pheromones are seen in social insects like ants. They use these chemical signals to mark their trail so that they know where they’re going as well as have the ability to guide other ants on the same path.

The second category of pheromones is aggregation, alarm, primer, and sex pheromones. The primer ones are fairly uncommon while aggregation are ones that attract both males and females. Latter pheromones are fascinating since they only attract specific members of the community. Finally, alarm pheromones are released by species that want to trigger aggression and will release these pheromones when attacked. But other than aggression, sex pheromones are the most powerful and are used to attract mates, generally the male. They can be used to attract a mate even 10 kilometers away.

Human Applications

After learning that pheromones are natural tools for communication, scientists began to study whether pheromones would also work in human beings. The human vomeronasal organ, VNO, is located in the nasal cavity and works to sense these chemical substances. When sensing them in the atmosphere, it sends signals to the brain and changes a person’s response.

Going a step further, human beings actually do use a sense of smell when selecting a mate. Swedish experts have used brain imaging devices to show that both homosexual males and heterosexual females react in a similar way when sexually aroused by male odors. Another study found that using male odor was an effective method to synchronize menstrual cycles of women. With the use of pheromones, a woman’s ovulation may either be lengthened or shortened. This phenomenon is called the McClintock effect.

Media Attention

Studying these effects and publishing them in notable journals led to media attention on both news shows and papers such as Dateline NBC, CNN NY Times, The Washington Post, and Time magazine. Also, in response to these findings, many companies began producing pheromone products designed to help people find partners. These products are designed to attract males and females as a type of silent communication. Men will often use them by mixing into their aftershave, and avoid many of the other steps commonly used to attract a woman.

Limited Use

However, pheromone products are not going to do all the work for a man. They should also consider the importance of other lifestyle factors such as hygiene and appearance. Women may be attracted, but if the guy is ungroomed and dressed poorly, the pheromones will have limited use. The end result is going to depend mostly on the guy himself.

While pheromones have been called many things throughout the year, “chemistry” one of the common labels, they do play an important role in attraction. While attraction, relationships and commitment are multi-faceted, they may be affected by the natural substances that our bodies make in order to find a mate so don’t be too surprised by this aspect of attraction.







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Frequently Asked Questions about Pheromones


What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical signals that all animals can produce. These hormones can be detected subconsciously. They can give information about many different things, such as your fertility, your immune system, your sexual interest, and many other important things. Some pheromones are very useful to target opposite sex. They can trigger natural attraction and your readiness for getting sex. When you produce the right chemical signals, such as pheromones, she will respond to you without even realizing it. All process will be done automatically.

How are these pheromones detected?

Pheromones are usually detected by an organ inside our nose. This organ is called as the Vomeronasal Organ or VNO. When this organ detect pheromone, it can send a chemical response signal to our brain. There are many discussions about the sense of this pheromone smell. However, it is all about the chemical response that occurs inside our brain. It is not an identifiable smell that you can smell it consciously. She will respond to these hormones on the subconscious level with full feelings of arousal, excitement, interest, and attraction.

Do we produce pheromones naturally?

Yes, we do. We always communicate with other people all the time. In most cases, we always produce pheromones that can be felt by certain people. These hormones are the base for many pheromone cologne products.

We can produce our own pheromone, so why do we still need pheromone cologne?

This is caused by our habits. When we wake up in the morning, we usually take a shower for several minutes. Then, we also apply some deodorants, lotions, and many other products to mask our natural body hormones. We also wear clothes that can cover almost 90% of our skin that can release pheromones to the air. There are some studies showing that the production of our pheromone can decrease from time to time. This situation can occur because of our evolution process.

When you apply a pheromone cologne to your body, you can replace any pheromones that you have already washed off when you take a shower. This cologne can also add a chemical substance that can work on most women. This product can help you boost your pheromones level. You can rebuild a chemical communication with women around you. They can respond to this cologne without realizing it. They just know that they like you.

How long do these hormones last?

It really depends on each individual’s chemistry and the scent type that they choose. Nexus Pheromones is one of the best products for men. It can last about 8 – 10 hours when it is applied according to the instruction. This product should also be applied on the right spots to make this hormone stay longer.

Why should I purchase these pheromone products?

These products can help you build your own confidence that you need to get your sexual and social goals. Pheromones are very effective to improve your attraction level. Then, you can combine these hormones with your confidence to grab all attention from other people.

Are these products have similar functions?

No, they are not. These products are very different from each other. Therefore, you should be very careful when shopping these products. You should only look for the product that has pure androstenone pheromone hormones. There are some products that have double strength potency. These products are very effective to boost your pheromone level.

You have to be careful when purchasing these products. Make sure that you also compare the package sizes before you purchase one of them. Some companies may have small products with very expensive price.

What results do I get from this pheromone cologne?

You can get more eye contact, smile, or interest from opposite sex

  • Improve your sex appeal
  • Get more dates or sexual intercourses
  • Improvement on your current relationships
  • Passionate lovemaking
  • Get relaxing effect on others
  • Be approached by your opposite sex
  • Improve self confidence
  • Improve respect and focus on you by others









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Tips for Buying Pheromones


There are many brands of pheromones in the market. Consider the following factors before you buy one.

  • Pheromones content. Most manufacturers tell you how many milligram of pheromones there are in a bottle including what type they are. The amount of pheromones will have impact on how long it lasts. A good pheromones should last anywhere between 4-6 hours in one application.
  • Scent or unscented: Contrary to buying a perfume, the effectiveness of Pheromone is not in the scent. It is in the chemistry. Choose the type of fragrance that is appropriate for the occasion. Many people prefer unscented pheromones because it can be used in all occasions effectively and you can even add your own fragrance to it. The more natural you smell, the more mysterious your attractiveness will appear to be.
  • Customer Satisfaction Policy. Companies that believe in their product will standby it with money back guarantee. Most of them also have free shipping which is a money saving factor.

Best Pheromones for Men

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Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromone

  • Consist of 7 blends of male pheromones that mimic attractive, healthy and fertile men
  • Attract More women, improve dating success rate, enhance existing relationship
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping

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Primal Instinct Men

Primal Instinct Men

Primal Instinct Unscented for Men

  • 5 mg of Androstenone per bottle
  • Also available in scented version
  • Works great! see reviews
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping

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Max Attraction GOLD

Max Attraction GOLD

 Max Attraction GOLD

  • One bottle for all settings for men to attract women
  • For men of all ages
  • One spray effective for 5 hours
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping

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Chikara Pheromones



  • Light Natural Vanilla Smell (unscented also available)
  • Lasts 4-6 hours
  • Balance of Androstenol, Androstenone, Androsterone
  • 60 days money back guarantee

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Best Pheromones for Women

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Max Attraction SILK

Max Attraction SILK

 Max Attraction Silk

  • Contains 7 Synthetic Human Pheromones
  • Has Warm, Sensuous fragrance for maximum attraction and lure
  • Comes in easy to use, container with pump spray
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping

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Alpha 7 Unscented

Alpha 7

 Alpha 7 Unscented

  • Contains Androsterone, Androstenone
  • 40% more Pheromones
  • Has all natural spicy fragrance added

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Scent of Eros

Scent of Eros

 Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume

  • Light Floral Fragrance
  • Easy to use, roll-top bottle
  • Has lots of staying power, but light scent
  • 60 days money back guarantee

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 Pheromax for Women

  • Contains 3mg of copulins and 2 mg of androstenol
  • From Germany
  • comes in slim, spray bottle
  • You can add fragrance to this unscented pheromones
  • 60 days money back guarantee

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Essence of A Woman

Essence of A Woman

 Essence of A Woman

  • Contains copulin (woman’s sex pheromones)
  • Convenient eye dropper top
  • 60 days money back guarantee

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Actual Customer Experience With Pheromones


While it is one thing to hear what manufacturers of Pheromones products have to say about how these colognes, perfumes, and soaps work it is quite another to actually believe their sales pitches due to the fact that you know that their real goal is not to help you become more attractive to others, but rather to make more money for their companies. If you want the real scoop on whether Pheromones products actually work, then you need to spend some time reading and learning about what actual customers experience with pheromones products are.


So after an exhaustive search of the Internet, in which reviews were read, and a video or two was watched a couple of things became clear. Actual customer experience with pheromones are varied and somewhat different depending on the people who were writing the review and the product they were reviewing and in most cases thee pheromones products did seem to work to some degree for the majority of people who tried them. Here in a compilation of what most of the reviews had to say.

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Some Pheromone Products Earned A More Positive Response in a Work Environment

There were several reviews by people who used Pheromone products in their work environment that felt that they got more positive responses from customers, co-workers and superiors when wearing the pheromones than when they did not. People who worked in retail sales and the service industry stated that the product they tried actually helped make their work experience more enjoyable and that people listen to them more, and reacted more positively to their suggestions.

Added Attraction

Both male and female users did feel that certain pheromone products did increase the amount of attention they received from the opposite sex. One female even stated that after trying one particular pheromone oil to entice her boyfriend to be more affectionate, that she was disappointed that he did not seem to show any signs of increased attraction. However, when the two of them went to the grocery store, men of all ages seemed to be turning their heads to look at her, and some even followed her through the store making her boyfriend act in a jealous way. Proving to her that the product worked, but didn’t work on everyone.

Others particularly women admitted that the product they tried gave them more self confidence and made them feel sexier so that when they received more attention they weren’t sure if it was the actual pheromones at work, or the changes in how they felt about themselves. In either case they seemed thrilled with the results.

Running For The Hills

There were a few men who reported trying pheromone products that had a high amount of the pheromone areandrotenone and found that this product actually caused other men to confront them and women to shy away from them. They concluded that while the pheromones in this product worked to increase others perception of them as an “alpha male” the product did not work in the way they hoped, though it did have the effect of proving to them that pheromone products could and do work.

Of course there were those who tried various products and did not find that these products worked for them in anyway, but surprisingly the number of people who found these products to have no effect was much smaller than you might imagine.

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Pheromones Perfumes

Since the first study was published suggesting that synthetic pheromones could be manufactured in a laboratory and used to help men and women attract people of the opposite or even the same sex, and thus improve their social-romantic-sexual life, perfume and cologne companies have been rushing around trying to create the perfect pheromone perfume and/or cologne. Then rushing them to market where each company promises potential clients that using their particular version of perfume with pheromones will enhance the consumers love life. Interestingly enough, some of these products do seem to deliver on that promise.

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Wanna be Believers and Doubting Thomas Put Perfumes with Pheromones to the Test

Oddly enough unlike when a new diet pill hits the market, not everyone has rushed out to buy these perfumes with pheromones believing that they will magically changed their love life. In fact, judging by different articles and reviews published around the net, while many people are certainly curious enough to want to see if these scents with pheromones work, most decide to test them out not fully believing that these pheromone laced fragrances are going to make a difference. Oddly enough men are seem to be more willing to lay down money to test out this pheromone idea than do women, though there is a number of both sexes that decided to do their own “little studies”

Many of these self proclaimed researches found themselves surprised that at least some of the products with pheromones they tried did indeed seem to make them more attractive to the opposite the sex, (and when the proper pheromones were used even the same sex)

Real Results or a Psychological Placebo Effect?

Since many of these self proclaimed researches found that the very first pheromone perfume or cologne seemed to increase their attractiveness the first time they wore it, it leads one to question whether or not the results they observed (more attention from people they wanted to attract) were real results brought about my the “scent message” of the pheromone or whether the fact the wearer knew they were wearing something that was suppose to make them more attractive actually caused them to change their behavior in subtle ways that lead others to become more attractive to them.

Clinical studies seem to suggest that results may well have been real and that the synthetic pheromones actually did set off an attraction response in others. However, even if the attention these people were getting were caused by subtle changes in their own behavior because wearing the perfume with pheromones made them feel more desirable and attractive the results are same. These products in one way or another can increase your attractiveness to others and lead to more exciting and romantic life.

Beyond Attraction

Scientist are now researching to try and isolate pheromones that may help people to lose weight, get ahead at their jobs, and a number of other things. While most pheromones to date have related mainly to sexual attraction (these pheromones include: Areandrostenone, androstenol, and androsterone for men and copulins for women) it is believed that other pheromones secreted through perspiration may serve other functions and possibly can be use to benefit man and womankind.



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Pheromones for Women to Attract Men


Men attracted to womenThere has been a lot of talk regarding how “attraction” pheromones can improve the social life of both men and women and lead to healthier more fulfilling relationships, but according to Dr. Winnifred Culter, Pheromone for women can have a significant impact on both a woman’s physical and emotional health. According to at least studies that were conducted with women of varying ages, female pheromones offered benefits to both those women during their fertile years and those who were post menopausal. Here are some of the health benefits that were discovered.

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Pheromones and Younger Women

Young healthy women who were given synthesized pheromone were more likely to experience:

  • Increased fertility
  • Increase in attention from men of the opposite sex
  • Increased attention and affection from the man with whom they shared a monogamous relationship.
  • Increased feelings of Attractiveness, which in turn raised confidence levels.

It is believed that appropriate and properly timed sexual contact with someone with whom a woman is in a monogamous relationship can also result in more intimacy and a better personal relationship. When a woman feels loved and desired by her chosen mate she tends to be happier and more contented.

Some of the Popular Pheromones For Women

Max Attraction Silk to Attract Men Special Offer

Max Attraction to Attract Men

Max Attraction to Attract Men Special Offer

Max Attraction Ultimate Seduction Kit to Attract Men

Scent of Eros to Attract Men Floral Fragrance

Pheromones and Post Menopausal Women

Pheromones for WomenMany post menopausal women begin to feel less noticed and less desirable than they did when they were younger. They feel their confidence slipping and they miss the affection and attention of their partner. Surprisingly in double blind tests women who used perfume laced with synthesized pheromones reported:

  • An increase in the attention and affection they received from their partners
  • Increased feelings of attractiveness and self confidence
  • More enjoyment of life.

Studies also suggest that women of all ages who use topical applied pheromones may see:

  • A delay in menopause and menopause symptoms
  • A reduction in hot flashes during menopause
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Less loss of bone density

Pheromones Are Not the be all and end all of attractiveness, but they help

Just to be clear, it must be noted that Pheromones are not going to suddenly make an unattractive woman attractive to all the men she comes into contact with. In fact, there are several factors that it is believed to adds or subtracts from a woman’s attractiveness and these things include:

  • Physical appearance and grooming. A well groomed and dressed woman is going to be more likely to appear attractive to men than a woman who is unkempt and lacks proper grooming.
  • Flirting, Social Grace, and Confidence.
  • Interest in romantic contact
  • Sexual Skills and Interest
  • Excretion of Sexual Attraction Pheromones

Adding Sexual attraction pheromones to those you all ready produce may help level the playing field especially for older women allowing them enjoy a more intimate and romantic life far longer than may otherwise be possible.

Today there are several companies that design fragrances that supposedly contain the sexual attraction pheromones. Some of these products are said to work quite well while others are less than effective. Finding those products where the pheromones work for you can be an asset for any woman who wants to feel more attractive and receive more affection from her partner.

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What is the Role of Pheromones in Human


While there are some men and women who would be thrilled to walk into a club or bar and instantly have every person of the opposite sex flock to their side and vie for their attention, most of us would be thrilled to just to have the attention of one or two members of the opposite sex whom we like. Luckily for us, Pheromones won’t make everyone of the opposite sex suddenly fall in love or even lust with you.

Pheromones and Attraction

You and I both know that we don’t find everyone we meet attractive and pheromones whether natural or synthetic isn’t going to change that. Pheromones won’t create desire it simply enhances it. This means that if there is a member of the opposite sex who is all ready attracted to you, producing or wearing the right Pheromones will increase that attraction and make it more likely that that person will be drawn to you enough to approach you in an effort to see if you feel the same attraction.

While pheromones serve many other functions other than attracting members of the opposite sex to one another, manufactures of synthetic pheromones tend to use them for purely cosmetic purposes. The main reason for this is because most of the pheromones that are believed to be isolated have to do with attraction and sexual behavior. Not to mention that romance plays a big part in our lives and most of people are interested in their romantic life.

What Do Pheromones Smell Like?

We’ve all found ourselves attracted to at least one person in our lives without knowing exactly why we feel such an attraction for them. Looking back you may be wondering if pheromones played a role in that attraction and if so what pheromones smell like. The problem is that no one really knows, because the scent of pheromones is so subtle that we don’t really realize we are evening detecting an odor. When you think about it its a bit strange that we can react to a scent we are not even aware of.

How Do Pheromones Promote Positive Health

In a few cases pheromones can actually cause physiological changes, (such as in 1986 study conducted by Dr. Winnifred Cutler and colleagues in which they proved that pheromones given off by men could actually improve women’s reproductive health.) it is most often the case that pheromones promotes emotional health because these chemical scents change the way others perceive us and relate to us.

When we get the attention of someone of the opposite sex, we feel more attractive and interesting. In turn these feelings lead to us feeling more self-confident and friendly towards other. We socialize more and get more enjoyment from our interaction with people both of the opposite sex and with people of the same sex.

There is still a lot that scientists don’t know about these chemical scents called pheromones, but so far what they do know can certainly make for a more interesting and exciting life for all of us!


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Pheromones for Men to Attract Women


woman attracted to man

It is believed that men with high levels of certain Pheromones may more attractive to women than other men even those who are better looking, more charming, and more financially well to do. Studies suggest that men have pheromones called Androstenes that trigger sexual awareness and excitement in women. But just why do some men have higher levels of pheromones than others and is there any way of evening up the playing field for those men who aren’t blessed with high levels of pheromones?

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Natural Pheromones

Many people believe that our ancestors had plenty of natural pheromones and that if it weren’t for advances in technology and changes in social behavior those natural pheromones would still be ruling human behavior today. It is believed that our concern for proper hygiene, which results in frequent baths, fragrant soaps, shampoos, colognes, and perfumes and even our penchant for doing laundry frequently all either wash away those natural pheromones or mask them all together.

Some experts suggest that natural pheromones work best and if you want to attract members of the opposite sex you should at the very least avoid the use of perfumes and colognes and bath with mild soaps that have no added fragrances so more of natural odor will be evident.

The Use of Synthetic Pheromones

Nexus PheromonesSince most people are not thrilled with the idea of going a day or two without bathing simply to possibly increase their natural pheromones, many manufacturers of cosmetics have begun to try and synthetically reproduce pheromones. This is a difficult task however, since even most scientists admit that human pheromones scents are so subtle that people, even those who react to these chemical scents, are totally unaware that they even smell the Pheromones.

Synthetic pheromones may be subtle scents that may serve to affect the behavior of the opposite sex, but they may not actually be pheromones at all. However, many users of products containing pheromones state emphatically that these synthetic chemical scents work and work well for many people who try them. Whether the success of these man made pheromones are real or purely physiological the benefits of some of these products are extremely real.

Benefits of Using Products containing Pheromones

Strangely enough there are some very real benefits for people who use products containing Pheromones. These benefits include:

  • More self confidence. It is difficult to tell whether the synthetic pheromones actually work making women more attractive to the men who use these products or if men feel more self confidence because they believe the pheromones work and thus their self confidence attracts more women. Either way there seems to be an increase in self confidence for some men when they use products containing pheromones which not only seems to be attractive to women, but may also help their job performance as well.
  • Enhance Social Interaction. Studies suggest that people who have a good social life are less likely to be depressed and more inclined to have a real interest in life well into advanced age which may directly affect their health and longevity. People who try products with pheromones and feel that they are working for them show enhanced social interaction which may be beneficial both emotionally and physically.
  • Increased Your Feelings of Masculinity. A scientific study shows that men who used an aftershave lotion laced with synthetic human pheromones found themselves being the the recipient of more affection including petting and kissing. When a man receives open affection from his partner he is more likely to have feeling of well being then a man who does regularly receive affection. Feelings of well being are important to both the physical and mental health of individuals and can help to keep stress levels low, and satisfaction with life high.
  • Become More Sexually Attractive to Women. Women will not see you as just a ‘good friend’ but potential life partner.
  • Get approached by women far more often. Women will be mysteriously attracted to you without knowing why. This opens up a door of opportunity for you to show her that you are really a person she should get to know more.



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