Perfumes With Pheromones

Pheromones Perfumes

Since the first study was published suggesting that synthetic pheromones could be manufactured in a laboratory and used to help men and women attract people of the opposite or even the same sex, and thus improve their social-romantic-sexual life, perfume and cologne companies have been rushing around trying to create the perfect pheromone perfume and/or cologne. Then rushing them to market where each company promises potential clients that using their particular version of perfume with pheromones will enhance the consumers love life. Interestingly enough, some of these products do seem to deliver on that promise.

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Wanna be Believers and Doubting Thomas Put Perfumes with Pheromones to the Test

Oddly enough unlike when a new diet pill hits the market, not everyone has rushed out to buy these perfumes with pheromones believing that they will magically changed their love life. In fact, judging by different articles and reviews published around the net, while many people are certainly curious enough to want to see if these scents with pheromones work, most decide to test them out not fully believing that these pheromone laced fragrances are going to make a difference. Oddly enough men are seem to be more willing to lay down money to test out this pheromone idea than do women, though there is a number of both sexes that decided to do their own “little studies”

Many of these self proclaimed researches found themselves surprised that at least some of the products with pheromones they tried did indeed seem to make them more attractive to the opposite the sex, (and when the proper pheromones were used even the same sex)

Real Results or a Psychological Placebo Effect?

Since many of these self proclaimed researches found that the very first pheromone perfume or cologne seemed to increase their attractiveness the first time they wore it, it leads one to question whether or not the results they observed (more attention from people they wanted to attract) were real results brought about my the “scent message” of the pheromone or whether the fact the wearer knew they were wearing something that was suppose to make them more attractive actually caused them to change their behavior in subtle ways that lead others to become more attractive to them.

Clinical studies seem to suggest that results may well have been real and that the synthetic pheromones actually did set off an attraction response in others. However, even if the attention these people were getting were caused by subtle changes in their own behavior because wearing the perfume with pheromones made them feel more desirable and attractive the results are same. These products in one way or another can increase your attractiveness to others and lead to more exciting and romantic life.

Beyond Attraction

Scientist are now researching to try and isolate pheromones that may help people to lose weight, get ahead at their jobs, and a number of other things. While most pheromones to date have related mainly to sexual attraction (these pheromones include: Areandrostenone, androstenol, and androsterone for men and copulins for women) it is believed that other pheromones secreted through perspiration may serve other functions and possibly can be use to benefit man and womankind.



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