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It is believed that men with high levels of certain Pheromones may more attractive to women than other men even those who are better looking, more charming, and more financially well to do. Studies suggest that men have pheromones called Androstenes that trigger sexual awareness and excitement in women. But just why do some men have higher levels of pheromones than others and is there any way of evening up the playing field for those men who aren’t blessed with high levels of pheromones?

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Natural Pheromones

Many people believe that our ancestors had plenty of natural pheromones and that if it weren’t for advances in technology and changes in social behavior those natural pheromones would still be ruling human behavior today. It is believed that our concern for proper hygiene, which results in frequent baths, fragrant soaps, shampoos, colognes, and perfumes and even our penchant for doing laundry frequently all either wash away those natural pheromones or mask them all together.

Some experts suggest that natural pheromones work best and if you want to attract members of the opposite sex you should at the very least avoid the use of perfumes and colognes and bath with mild soaps that have no added fragrances so more of natural odor will be evident.

The Use of Synthetic Pheromones

Nexus PheromonesSince most people are not thrilled with the idea of going a day or two without bathing simply to possibly increase their natural pheromones, many manufacturers of cosmetics have begun to try and synthetically reproduce pheromones. This is a difficult task however, since even most scientists admit that human pheromones scents are so subtle that people, even those who react to these chemical scents, are totally unaware that they even smell the Pheromones.

Synthetic pheromones may be subtle scents that may serve to affect the behavior of the opposite sex, but they may not actually be pheromones at all. However, many users of products containing pheromones state emphatically that these synthetic chemical scents work and work well for many people who try them. Whether the success of these man made pheromones are real or purely physiological the benefits of some of these products are extremely real.

Benefits of Using Products containing Pheromones

Strangely enough there are some very real benefits for people who use products containing Pheromones. These benefits include:

  • More self confidence. It is difficult to tell whether the synthetic pheromones actually work making women more attractive to the men who use these products or if men feel more self confidence because they believe the pheromones work and thus their self confidence attracts more women. Either way there seems to be an increase in self confidence for some men when they use products containing pheromones which not only seems to be attractive to women, but may also help their job performance as well.
  • Enhance Social Interaction. Studies suggest that people who have a good social life are less likely to be depressed and more inclined to have a real interest in life well into advanced age which may directly affect their health and longevity. People who try products with pheromones and feel that they are working for them show enhanced social interaction which may be beneficial both emotionally and physically.
  • Increased Your Feelings of Masculinity. A scientific study shows that men who used an aftershave lotion laced with synthetic human pheromones found themselves being the the recipient of more affection including petting and kissing. When a man receives open affection from his partner he is more likely to have feeling of well being then a man who does regularly receive affection. Feelings of well being are important to both the physical and mental health of individuals and can help to keep stress levels low, and satisfaction with life high.
  • Become More Sexually Attractive to Women. Women will not see you as just a ‘good friend’ but potential life partner.
  • Get approached by women far more often. Women will be mysteriously attracted to you without knowing why. This opens up a door of opportunity for you to show her that you are really a person she should get to know more.



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