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Pheromones for Women to Attract Men


Men attracted to womenThere has been a lot of talk regarding how “attraction” pheromones can improve the social life of both men and women and lead to healthier more fulfilling relationships, but according to Dr. Winnifred Culter, Pheromone for women can have a significant impact on both a woman’s physical and emotional health. According to at least studies that were conducted with women of varying ages, female pheromones offered benefits to both those women during their fertile years and those who were post menopausal. Here are some of the health benefits that were discovered.

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Pheromones and Younger Women

Young healthy women who were given synthesized pheromone were more likely to experience:

  • Increased fertility
  • Increase in attention from men of the opposite sex
  • Increased attention and affection from the man with whom they shared a monogamous relationship.
  • Increased feelings of Attractiveness, which in turn raised confidence levels.

It is believed that appropriate and properly timed sexual contact with someone with whom a woman is in a monogamous relationship can also result in more intimacy and a better personal relationship. When a woman feels loved and desired by her chosen mate she tends to be happier and more contented.

Some of the Popular Pheromones For Women

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Pheromones and Post Menopausal Women

Pheromones for WomenMany post menopausal women begin to feel less noticed and less desirable than they did when they were younger. They feel their confidence slipping and they miss the affection and attention of their partner. Surprisingly in double blind tests women who used perfume laced with synthesized pheromones reported:

  • An increase in the attention and affection they received from their partners
  • Increased feelings of attractiveness and self confidence
  • More enjoyment of life.

Studies also suggest that women of all ages who use topical applied pheromones may see:

  • A delay in menopause and menopause symptoms
  • A reduction in hot flashes during menopause
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Less loss of bone density

Pheromones Are Not the be all and end all of attractiveness, but they help

Just to be clear, it must be noted that Pheromones are not going to suddenly make an unattractive woman attractive to all the men she comes into contact with. In fact, there are several factors that it is believed to adds or subtracts from a woman’s attractiveness and these things include:

  • Physical appearance and grooming. A well groomed and dressed woman is going to be more likely to appear attractive to men than a woman who is unkempt and lacks proper grooming.
  • Flirting, Social Grace, and Confidence.
  • Interest in romantic contact
  • Sexual Skills and Interest
  • Excretion of Sexual Attraction Pheromones

Adding Sexual attraction pheromones to those you all ready produce may help level the playing field especially for older women allowing them enjoy a more intimate and romantic life far longer than may otherwise be possible.

Today there are several companies that design fragrances that supposedly contain the sexual attraction pheromones. Some of these products are said to work quite well while others are less than effective. Finding those products where the pheromones work for you can be an asset for any woman who wants to feel more attractive and receive more affection from her partner.

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