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While it is one thing to hear what manufacturers of Pheromones products have to say about how these colognes, perfumes, and soaps work it is quite another to actually believe their sales pitches due to the fact that you know that their real goal is not to help you become more attractive to others, but rather to make more money for their companies. If you want the real scoop on whether Pheromones products actually work, then you need to spend some time reading and learning about what actual customers experience with pheromones products are.


So after an exhaustive search of the Internet, in which reviews were read, and a video or two was watched a couple of things became clear. Actual customer experience with pheromones are varied and somewhat different depending on the people who were writing the review and the product they were reviewing and in most cases thee pheromones products did seem to work to some degree for the majority of people who tried them. Here in a compilation of what most of the reviews had to say.

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Some Pheromone Products Earned A More Positive Response in a Work Environment

There were several reviews by people who used Pheromone products in their work environment that felt that they got more positive responses from customers, co-workers and superiors when wearing the pheromones than when they did not. People who worked in retail sales and the service industry stated that the product they tried actually helped make their work experience more enjoyable and that people listen to them more, and reacted more positively to their suggestions.

Added Attraction

Both male and female users did feel that certain pheromone products did increase the amount of attention they received from the opposite sex. One female even stated that after trying one particular pheromone oil to entice her boyfriend to be more affectionate, that she was disappointed that he did not seem to show any signs of increased attraction. However, when the two of them went to the grocery store, men of all ages seemed to be turning their heads to look at her, and some even followed her through the store making her boyfriend act in a jealous way. Proving to her that the product worked, but didn’t work on everyone.

Others particularly women admitted that the product they tried gave them more self confidence and made them feel sexier so that when they received more attention they weren’t sure if it was the actual pheromones at work, or the changes in how they felt about themselves. In either case they seemed thrilled with the results.

Running For The Hills

There were a few men who reported trying pheromone products that had a high amount of the pheromone areandrotenone and found that this product actually caused other men to confront them and women to shy away from them. They concluded that while the pheromones in this product worked to increase others perception of them as an “alpha male” the product did not work in the way they hoped, though it did have the effect of proving to them that pheromone products could and do work.

Of course there were those who tried various products and did not find that these products worked for them in anyway, but surprisingly the number of people who found these products to have no effect was much smaller than you might imagine.

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